For Homeowners

  • Review governing documents such as CC&Rs, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations. Advice an owner on common pitfalls and red flags found during the review.
  • Review “Letters of complaint” and “Notices to comply”. Advice an owner on their compliance with the state law and association’s governing documents.
  • Review of fines and their compliance with state law and governing documents.
  • Helping owners to petition their board for construction, installation, and other needs
  • Help review financial documents such as budgets, year end statements, and others as well as reserve funds.

For HOA Boards

  • Help review governing documents to find potential risks and exposures
  • Help resolve conflicts between homeowners and boards without complex and expensive legal battle.
  • Consult and advice HOA Boards in their preparation of new governing documents.
  • Review association’s existing policies and practices and help improve them to minimize risks.

For Real Estate Agents

  • Help your clients understand governing documents of the association they are getting into.
  • Help review financials of the association to minimize risk and exposure.